Whether you need just a bedroom or want living areas, kitchenettes and private patios...


  • Main House Rooms: Bedrooms from $ 115-$ 139 per night.

 These rooms are just steps away from the hub of Cinnamon Morning..  Click for details about the ZebraMexican, or Mural

  • Casitas: from $ 149-$ 159 per night

Casitas have living area, kitchenette, and private patios in addition to bedrooms. They are the perfect choice for guests with small children and pets.   Click for more details about Consuela or Delores

  • Guest House:  from $ 149-$ 239 night dependent upon rooms and number of guests. 

Two separate units that can be booked separately or together.  The larger unit is a two bedroom suite with a living room, kitchenette, dinette and shared bath.  The adjoining King Room has its own private entry and bath and can be used as a private room or an addition to the larger unit.

 Click for details about the Suite, or King Room